15 April, 2011

Introduction to New Sam Edelman Shoes and Boots

Sam Edelman Nora Thong Sandal
(New for spring 2011)
Welcome to the New Sam Edelman Shoes and Boots site!

The purpose of this website is to inform women of a good number of newly released Sam Edelman styles throughout various seasons of the year.  While this site is not in any way an "official" resource, it is intended to keep women informed when new releases are introduced into the Sam Edelman collection.


* We do not guarantee that all new styles will be listed when there is a new release, but our plan is to publish information on at least a majority of new styles that come out.

* We reserve the right to "pick favorites" - what you see here from time to time may be a reflection of our own personal favorites from the Sam Edelman collection, although we can also say that other women's tastes are kept in mind.

Again, we thank you for visiting - and we look forward to providing ladies with information on one of the most unique and fashion forward lines of women's footwear - Sam Edelman.

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