26 September, 2011

New Sam Edelman Pia - Plus Some Additional Boots to Look Over

The Sam Edelman Pia is among those styles that truly needs to be seen to be believed. Even though this may make it sound like this kind of style is considered to be above the top, it is really somewhat sleek but it gives you some exciting twists that make it unique from any kind I've come across to as much as these times. That is a tall boot with a shaft around 16 inches tall, having the capability to be folded over or cuffed - so it has the convenience of indeed being worn above the knee or just below it in height. Made using leather-based accompanied by a set of padded buckled straps within the ankle. It is available in black.

It will be totally understandable to take a single glance at this particular boot and make a decision right off the bat to get it. Even so if someone else want to search around more, there are a few alternative tall, cuffed boot designs that could perhaps also be within your tastes:

Blowfish Jenette
The Jenette boot is definitely something to check out and is a gorgeous way to wear tall, over the knee boots. It is quite tall having a twenty three inch shaft, together with various buckled straps both on the shaft and around the ankle. Wear it up for the most sexy look or folded over to add a style of fashion. It features a rear zip to help simplify the on and off process, it is offered in three different colors.

Naughty Monkey Zorro Boot:  The Zorro boot from Naughty Monkey is at the very least an interesting and pleasing design, and could realistically be one of the most elegant boot on this list depending on your own personal tastes. Yet again here we feature a fairly tall shaft of greater than sixteen inches in addition to some strap details on the side of the ankle. What exactly creates this boot so intriguing is the reason that the shaft comes down and form of blankets the instep and behind the ankle to create a disguised or strange look. It is available in Chocolate, Black and Grey.

Madden Girl Women's Russell:  The Russell boot is a stunning tall boot having a same tall fold-over shaft style when compared to Pia. While this boot can be quite stylish according to an individual's criteria, it has quite a bit of a cheaper price probably due to its man-made construction. The shaft height is about twenty one inches, it features a side zip and buckled strap details toward the top of the the shaft and behind the ankle. It is offered in Black.

Except for a number of exceptions you probably can't fail with the Sam Edelman Pia boot, yet the other designs on this selection have some edgy details which could make another boot more along your likes in footwear at the moment.

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25 September, 2011

New Sam Edelman Lulu - And Additional Ankle Boots to Check Out

Just like a great number of other designs within this line, the Sam Edelman Lulu incorporates a completely unique overall look, intended to have an overall appearance like nothing at all else offered although working within current fashion trends. It comes in a pair of different will look, one with Almond and Black combined, the other one solid black. It's a smooth looking over the ankle style, having an adjustable buckled strap round the rearfoot, somewhat of a platform and quite a high heel for the ultimate ankle boot look.

This women's ankle boot in fact is extraordinary, and while numerous ladies might by now have their minds set for this specific style there are some others with resemblances which you might also wish to see:

Sam Edelman Loni:  This bootie from Sam Edelman in fact has quite a related physical appearance compared to the Lulu in the overall cut and design, however it has got a simpler look to it and there is no option for contrasting colors. It can be purchased in high quality suede and like the Lulu, you will find a buckled strap around the rear of the ankle. It is also a beautiful style, for sale in 3 earthy shades.

Nine West Mavenue Bootie This women's bootie from Nine West offers quite a streamlined overall look. Made from smooth leather for the upper, size zipper closure and a bit of a platform, similar to the Lulu. The single thing that sets this boot above and beyond others is a shiny strip detail below the foot and only over the heel of the boot. Certainly, it is a very stylish choice in a short ankle boot design. It is available in Brown and Black.

Lucky Brand Laureen:  The Laureen from Lucky is a similar style, having a smooth sole color leather design. Even though the general cut and look of this ankle boot is comparable to the Lulu, it has a bit more of a western twist to it, also possessing a buckled strap detail wrapping entirely about the ankle. It comes in Iron, Black and Tobacco.

Whether you select the Sam Edelman Lulu bootie or another one of the ankle boot styles outlined in this article, most likely you will love your investment - these are some stunning, must-have variations that I think women will probably be adoring this year.

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