About the New Sam Edelman Shoes and Boots website:

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This website is dedicated to one single solitary subject - new Sam Edelman footwear styles for women.  A couple of years ago we began really noticing the unique looks that this line has been making available to women - we also have noticed the increase in popularity of Sam Edelman with women who appreciate a unique, "stand apart from the crowd" look.

Since that time, Sam Edelman has continued to produce some of the most beautiful footwear for women -- continuing to break ground in unique and amazingly stylish looks.

This site is intended to inform women of fresh new releases among the Sam Edelman collection.  For more information on each individual style mentioned here, visit:
Affiliation note:  This website is not affiliated directly with the Sam Edelman company.  We are simply strong lovers of great fashion, and would like to share that with like-minded ladies out there.  =)

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