26 September, 2011

New Sam Edelman Pia - Plus Some Additional Boots to Look Over

The Sam Edelman Pia is among those styles that truly needs to be seen to be believed. Even though this may make it sound like this kind of style is considered to be above the top, it is really somewhat sleek but it gives you some exciting twists that make it unique from any kind I've come across to as much as these times. That is a tall boot with a shaft around 16 inches tall, having the capability to be folded over or cuffed - so it has the convenience of indeed being worn above the knee or just below it in height. Made using leather-based accompanied by a set of padded buckled straps within the ankle. It is available in black.

It will be totally understandable to take a single glance at this particular boot and make a decision right off the bat to get it. Even so if someone else want to search around more, there are a few alternative tall, cuffed boot designs that could perhaps also be within your tastes:

Blowfish Jenette
The Jenette boot is definitely something to check out and is a gorgeous way to wear tall, over the knee boots. It is quite tall having a twenty three inch shaft, together with various buckled straps both on the shaft and around the ankle. Wear it up for the most sexy look or folded over to add a style of fashion. It features a rear zip to help simplify the on and off process, it is offered in three different colors.

Naughty Monkey Zorro Boot:  The Zorro boot from Naughty Monkey is at the very least an interesting and pleasing design, and could realistically be one of the most elegant boot on this list depending on your own personal tastes. Yet again here we feature a fairly tall shaft of greater than sixteen inches in addition to some strap details on the side of the ankle. What exactly creates this boot so intriguing is the reason that the shaft comes down and form of blankets the instep and behind the ankle to create a disguised or strange look. It is available in Chocolate, Black and Grey.

Madden Girl Women's Russell:  The Russell boot is a stunning tall boot having a same tall fold-over shaft style when compared to Pia. While this boot can be quite stylish according to an individual's criteria, it has quite a bit of a cheaper price probably due to its man-made construction. The shaft height is about twenty one inches, it features a side zip and buckled strap details toward the top of the the shaft and behind the ankle. It is offered in Black.

Except for a number of exceptions you probably can't fail with the Sam Edelman Pia boot, yet the other designs on this selection have some edgy details which could make another boot more along your likes in footwear at the moment.

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25 September, 2011

New Sam Edelman Lulu - And Additional Ankle Boots to Check Out

Just like a great number of other designs within this line, the Sam Edelman Lulu incorporates a completely unique overall look, intended to have an overall appearance like nothing at all else offered although working within current fashion trends. It comes in a pair of different will look, one with Almond and Black combined, the other one solid black. It's a smooth looking over the ankle style, having an adjustable buckled strap round the rearfoot, somewhat of a platform and quite a high heel for the ultimate ankle boot look.

This women's ankle boot in fact is extraordinary, and while numerous ladies might by now have their minds set for this specific style there are some others with resemblances which you might also wish to see:

Sam Edelman Loni:  This bootie from Sam Edelman in fact has quite a related physical appearance compared to the Lulu in the overall cut and design, however it has got a simpler look to it and there is no option for contrasting colors. It can be purchased in high quality suede and like the Lulu, you will find a buckled strap around the rear of the ankle. It is also a beautiful style, for sale in 3 earthy shades.

Nine West Mavenue Bootie This women's bootie from Nine West offers quite a streamlined overall look. Made from smooth leather for the upper, size zipper closure and a bit of a platform, similar to the Lulu. The single thing that sets this boot above and beyond others is a shiny strip detail below the foot and only over the heel of the boot. Certainly, it is a very stylish choice in a short ankle boot design. It is available in Brown and Black.

Lucky Brand Laureen:  The Laureen from Lucky is a similar style, having a smooth sole color leather design. Even though the general cut and look of this ankle boot is comparable to the Lulu, it has a bit more of a western twist to it, also possessing a buckled strap detail wrapping entirely about the ankle. It comes in Iron, Black and Tobacco.

Whether you select the Sam Edelman Lulu bootie or another one of the ankle boot styles outlined in this article, most likely you will love your investment - these are some stunning, must-have variations that I think women will probably be adoring this year.

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28 August, 2011

New Sam Edelman Viva Bootie for Women - And Other Bootie Styles to Compare

The Sam Edelman Viva Bootie is the epitome of streamlined when it comes to women's ankle booties. It is constructed from a sleek finished leather, having a sort of long up the leg design and with no added particulars on the upper, which mysteriously enhances the elegance of the bootie. The back heel with this ankle boot has rather an appealing and funky appearance having a sort of cut in half look with different substances for the surface on the wedge. Offered at this writing in the single color of black and has a full retail price close to $250.

Here are some other picks that you might like, with some similarities to the Viva:

Sam Edelman Loni:  The Loni bootie is constructed from either suede or leather, with various colors obtainable in distinct materials. This bootie is also particularly smooth though with some additional detailing of a buckled band round the rear of the ankle plus a bit of a lower height with the top of the shaft having a cut in design. It features a thick ankle yet is not a wedge style, with about the same height as the Sam Edelman Viva. Available in a total of three different colors.

Sam Edelman Rowin:  Another beautiful bootie being released in to the Edelman collection for the autumn and winter months of this year is the Rowin ankle boot. Even though this bootie has some added characteristics when compared to the Viva still it provides the familiar height and general design. This bootie has lacing up the front side and side goring, including a handful of extremely elegant particulars for all those women who like a little more with the bootie look. It is available in 4 splendid colors.

KORS Michael Kors Channing Ankle Boot:  The Channing bootie might have the most comparable appearance to the Viva when compared to the rest on this list. It features a gorgeous high wedge style heel and like the Edelman Viva ankle bootie it also includes a small platform. The main difference with this bootie is a lace up style, which is beautiful but does set it apart as a bit distinct in looks. Offered in 3 rich colors.

The ankle boots mentioned above like the Sam Edelman Viva appear to be excellent choices to spiff up almost any outfit entering the fall and wintertime of 2011.

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27 August, 2011

New Sam Edelman Rowin Bootie - Plus Further Ankle Boot Styles to Look For

Possibly the most attractive style when it comes to ladies booties for 2011 is the Sam Edelman Rowin bootie. Built with a leather upper, this Edelman version has a side zipper, edge goring and perhaps above all the top laces to blend to produce one of the more spectacular ladies boot selections in 2011. It is available in a handful of different rich shades and it has a list price of approximately $195.

Here are a few boots that you might want to compare with similar features:

Nine West Checkit Ankle Boot:  The Checkit ankle boot from Nine West is one other fantastic selection for 2011. The laces with this bootie differs in looks a bit when compared to the Rowin, however certain women may favor the look. While the heel on this bootie is likewise very high, rather than using a spike style, it is a thicker heel for a bit of a bolder look however no less feminine. It is constructed from either leather or suede based on the version picked and also comes in a variety of diverse dark colors plus a Taupe.

Boutique 9 Barrow Lace Bootie:  This boot is a perfect add-on for this specific list because its design is probably the closest to the Sam Edelman Rowin. It also offers a lace up design plus a spike heel of approximately 4.5 inches, but there are a handful of differences. The zipper closure is incorporated in the backside which really makes this feature a bit more subtle, the lacing is bolder having a bit more of a fun and cool look and there is no side goring. This bootie may be as probable of a pick in fashionable looks as the Rowin since it is really womanly and eye-catching. It can be purchased in 4 distinct colors.

Blowfish Vance Ankle Boot:  For individuals who have not yet had the pleasure of checking out the Blowfish brand for ladies footwear, I strongly recommend taking a good long look. The Vance bootie is really a magnificent choice in lace booties, and is a great deal more cost-effective than the Rowin or the other shoes on this list. It is made from durable material uppers with some rich designs throughout the material. The lacing is quite delicate, and the sole is textured to incorporate more to the tomboyish look as well as offer improved traction. It also has an adorable fold-over cuff to complete the look. Available in four different fabric color versions.

These bootie varieties such as the Sam Edelman Rowin are quite appealing. For those of you women who delight in the fashionable appearance of this style generally speaking, I strongly recommend giving some or every one of them a good look.

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26 August, 2011

New Sam Edelman Loni - And Other Related Ankle Boot Variations to Look For

The Sam Edelman Loni Ankle Boot is one of a few unique variations that are genuine fad setters moving into the fall months of 2011. It possesses a gorgeous suede or leather upper with a thick 4 inch back heel along with an upper that is devoid of very much detail save a lovely secured band around the ankle. This is actually an exquisite women's ankle boot and is the perfect sophisticated supplement to almost any ladies ensemble in 2011. It comes in a handful of distinctive leather and suede colors and has a full retail price of about $170.

The Loni bootie is a superb selection for women who are seeking an ultra feminine design and also to give a streamlined look to their wardrobes for 2010, still there are some additional booties with very similar characteristics and appearance to this selection:

Sam Edelman Rowin:  The Rowin ankle boot from Sam Edelman is usually a exceptional design, and has a few similar attributes to the Loni. The back heel height is about the same, yet the Rowin steps out a bit with a spike heel structure plus some sleek looking laces up the front side. It also offers a side zipper for quick on and off, in addition to added goring on the side for both visual appeal and function. This version from Sam Edelman comes in 4 beautiful, rich colors.

Lumiani Kate:  The Kate bootie from Lumiani is another excellent choice this year in ladies ankle boots. Like the Loni it is made from either leather or suede, with roughly the same height and cut plus the platform. The main difference with this bootie is the deficit of the buckled strap behind the ankle, but is really a sleek and elegant selection.

Nine West Delly Ankle Boot:  The Delly Bootie from Nine West is a tempting hunk of ankle boot which simply screams for admiration. It has quite a appearance with characteristics which are similar to the Loni, but it's got more of a sharpened toe plus some extra contour to the cut of the upper. With roughly the same height of the shaft, coming up to just above the ankle area. It has a size zip for usefulness and can be purchased in three different versions of Black which includes a dazzling fabric, leather and suede.

Do you enjoy gorgeous and extremely womanly ankle boot designs? In that case , most likely on the list of above variations like the Sam Edelman Loni bootie will strike your fancy for the fall and wintertime of this year.

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11 August, 2011

New Sam Edelman Women's Parley - And Different Comparable Boot Styles to Shop For

For a classic a refined look in 2011, the Sam Edelman Parley Boot is not only the ideal choice in fashion, when compared with other similar makes and designs it is also quite economical. With just a touch of a traditional western look, this side zipper style for ladies continues to have enough of an elegant appearance to make it additionally a good choice in dress up or even work..

It’s made out of distressed leather for the upper, it has a cushioned heel for comfort and merely enough heel to give it a little bit of lift.

For those who still want to do a bit of shopping around, here are some recommended similar styles to the Parley:

Sam Edelman Petty: Suede leather development with regard to the upper, it additionally features a slightly cushioned footbed and like the Parley, it features a side zipper closure. Although this boot offers some parallels to the Parley, it is actually a design and style all its own with a bit less of a traditional western look, having much more of a sleek and elegant design to it. It comes in Moss Green (at this writing) and offers a list market price close to $160.

Frye Women's Melissa Button Short: Stunning natural leather upper development, along with a zipper inside to help to make these kinds of boots super easy to get off and on. The unique buttons of the Melissa boot on the side, with bootstraps for an additional touch in fashion. Just a touch of a heel together with a one inch lift for the girls. There tend to be a number of different picks in colors for the Melissa Button Short boot for women, such as Tan, Bordeaux, Cognac, Dark Brown in addition to Fawn and it sells for around $268.

Paul Green Jeeves: This particular boot virtually oozes elegance - it has a lovely curved appearance to the design and style, with merely a touch of a heel. It is available in both suede as well as leather versions, and has a slip on development together with elastic side goring in addition to a pull tab to help to make them ultra easy to get on and off. It's obtainable in colors such as Taupe Suede not to mention Sport Moro and has a list price tag close to $315.

While of course I would recommend the Sam Edelman Women's Parley Boot being a good option in women’s short boots this season, the extra styles above additionally seem to be good alternatives arriving into the fall season of 2011. It seems that the prices on these picks fluctuate a great deal, perhaps making one boot a better pick over the others.

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09 August, 2011

New Sam Edelman Women's Nara - And Other Sandal Styles to Shop For

The Sam Edelman Nara sets the tone any time - the leather upper delves in a dramatic single loop on the instep. Now imagine this whole upper strap encrusted with stones inside your collection of Tortoise or even Turquoise. This dressy thong delivers comfort, too, inside the padded footbed along with cork platform together with 2 3/4 inch wedge heel plus textured sole for a stable stride. This wonderful sandal is $170 list cost.

You might also want to compare as well as add a few of the following sandals:

Sam Edelman Nalo Beaded Thong Sandal:

Whenever you might be putting on this thong sandal, there is nothing more to express. The man-made uppers feature both huge cabochons and little beadwork that shout fashion audacity. The sexy ankle strap posseses an adjustable buckle closure for a just-right fit. You are going to strut with confidence within this 2 1/2 inch heel platform due to a gently padded footbed not to mention textured outsole. Don't overlook this for $149 full list price.

Harley Davidson Eden:

You will command the scene in these stunning thong sandals. The actual leather-wrapped toe post links to a full-grain leather upper decorated together with side-by-side leather rectangles attached by plenty of silver studs. A metal Harley Davidson logo will be in the forefront around the vamp with one more embossed upon the back of the 4 inch wedge platform heel to demonstrate you mean business. A complete length cushy footbed along with knobby textured outsole make you stay in great form. Yours in Black for $60 at full list price.

Minnetonka Uptown Sandal:

If you want a shoe to fully stand up to all your chunky jewelry in order to make a jeweled statement by itself here it is. Having a 1 1/2 inch wedge heel, this informal thong parades multi-colored gemstones presented in beads all across the upper straps. A concealed elastic gore panel in the instep signifies a safe, comfy fit along with suede-covered, cushioned footbed together with arch support. The outsole is tread detailed rubber to keep your stride steady. All this attention for $55 even at whole list price.

For just about all you fashion lovers around, the Sam Edelman Nara sandal and other designs explained here may be ordered on the internet today. Many online prices are below retail, in addition generally you'll find free shipping and return service too.

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31 July, 2011

New Sam Edelman Dazey - Plus Further Similar Sandals to Compare

Ramp up your summer days along with the Sam Edelman Dazey Fringe Sandal. Abundant suede upper together with studded cross straps, a wide ankle collar and closed in zip up heel practically make you overlook it is a thong style sandal. Lots of swingy suede fringe cascades from the ankle strap on the sole to present a sexy sway to your current swagger. This sandal is finished along with man-made coating, padded footbed along with outsole and a flattering 1 1/4 inch heel for $170 retail list selling price.

This particular soft, suede Sam Edelman Dazey Fringe Sandal can be your own right now. Or compare some other related styles just before coming to a decision:

Black Rooster Tiare Fringe Sandal:  A classic but bold fashion statement all in one, this all leather thong has a couple of metal rimmed tassels overlooking a fringed flap around the instep. A wide strap round the heel and a completely flexible buckle on the side enables your own fit. This appearance will be finished together with a mini stacked heel and also man-made slightly textured outsole. Listed retail at $69 within three fundamental wardrobe shades.

Gabriella Rocha Idra:  Prance out in style in this super-trendy sandal. All you see is beautiful natural leather from the toe post, up the arch over the ankle to the all-around row of fringe for movement with every step. The enclosed ankle as well as heel area is nearly a mini boot fit within the back of the feet together with a side zip for entry, while nevertheless having that bare toe, thong appeal. A casually padded footbed as well as man-made sole finish the style for a full price of $95.

Women's Gabriella Rocha Karyan:  This kind of gladiator influenced piece features a soft, all-suede leather upper together with a toe loop to keep the foot in position. A little wild fringe protects the arch as much as the 3 flexible buckle straps across the ankle plus back zip for easy on/off. Feet are generally comfy within the soft leather lining as well as lightly cushy leather footbed. An extremely versatile, textured, rubber outsole help make for an easy step. In Black, Grey or perhaps beautiful Teal for $95 list price.

Put a little swing in your step with the Sam Edelman Dazey Fringe Sandal or even any of these additional fringy sandal variations. The costs proven here happen to be list price, however several can be found online for less...and there is generally no shipping and delivery.

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New Sam Edelman Grady Thong Sandal

Sam Edelman Grady Sandal - Plus Alternative Comparable Footwear

Be a true trailblazer in the Sam Edelman Grady. Here's distinctive styling within delicate suede with the help of a thong style in the toe and also vamp, then a comfortable suede wrap enclosing the ankle. For additional contrast and uncomplicated access can be a broad leather strap at the rear of the ankle above the back heel which safeguards with the help of a hook-and-loop closure at the side. A couple of bold small studs line up at the strap closure. Lining and footbed are designed for comfort and ease. Sand or Black suede utilizing Whiskey leather accent for $90 full retail price.

This Sam Edelman Grady Flat Sandal is a sure hit for your wardrobe. However if you would like to check various other snazzy variations, have a look at these:

Sam Edelman Garner Sandal:  Place some fun within your step with this original appearance for a thong sandal which includes a toe post as well as toe loop to get a secure foot. The natural leather upper offers a crisscross of contrasting natural leather straps which buckle at the ankle as well as the solid panel up the heel back supplies zippered entry. A lining along with cushioned logo footbed feel good on the tootsies while the logo textured outsole and rubber heel pad keep you secure while you stroll. Pick from three color combos for approximately $90 retail price.

Nine West Megawatt Sandal:  The feet may have all the interest in this striking thong sandal. All the natural leather upper straps align just so throughout the foot and round the ankle with the help of a zippered back panel for easy on/off. Dainty metal rosettes accent the straps way up the instep with the help of a shiny finish. A small, one inch, stacked micro-wedge heel adds a little class. Black or brown for $79 whenever bought at top dollar.

ALDO Zicafoose:  A little elegance never ever hurt and this thong style sandal offers it. The tow post will be connected to the zip up heel back by means of side-by-side woven straps almost all a-swirl over the top from the foot. Foot remains cool and comfortable on the delicate footbed and also the stacked micro-wedge 1 1/4 inch heel adds yet another little bit of feminine eye attractiveness. Choose a Bone or Cognac shade for $50 at complete retail price.

Perk up your summer wear complete with the Sam Edelman Grady Sandal or these other footwear options for women this year. If you buy online, several will cost you less than retail store, and also usually with free shipment and returns.

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28 July, 2011

New Sam Edelman Grenna Sandal - And Other Similar Styles

You needn't be stunned when your feet have all the attention in the new Sam Edelman Grenna Sandal. What allows this shoe its lively personality is the animal print or distinctive uppers in choices of Black Suede, Gunmetal Metallic, Nude Leopard or Nude Snake. A comfortable curved toe post and cross over band adhere to the vamp that widens up to the rearfoot. 3 concurrent, variable buckled straps allow for entry plus a personalized fit. Select your favorite "animal" for approximately $100 full retail price.

The Sam Edelman Grenna Thong sandal is a difficult one to surpass. You may want to check out the following in order to check before you buy:

Type Z Florence Thong Sandal:

Here's a lesson in how to be cook and hot simultaneously. The sexy faux-leather bands of this thong sandal all meet at the ankle with a stylish, adjustable buckle on the side and some sparkly metal stud details for emphasis. There is a lightly padded footbed, covered mini-heel and super textured outsole for walking ease and comfort and stability. Select in Black, Bronze or Nude for $69 full price.

Sam Edelman Ginger Thong Sandal:

Created only for the feminine gladiator inside you. All the mini toe straps result in the distinctly shaped vamp that is covered with metal beaded detail. Three more small straps buckle at the ankle that you simply only alter to fit once and then use the zip up the back heel panel for easy on / off. The leather upper, logo textured footbed and outsole is the standard for this designer. Yours for $100 at retail price.

Steve Madden Simply L Thong Sandal:

If you love to emphasize with the color of Pewter, reach for this one. Numerous layers of narrow, metal natural leather secured straps, every one emblazoned with rhinestone and chain accessories, make up the sexy vamp. A zippered panel rises from back heel up to the rearfoot for making getting these sandals on / off simple. Lots of display and fashion for $85.95 total list price.

The Sam Edelman Grenna Thong Sandal and all of its companion styles here are conveniently available online, at this time; many at less than the retail prices listed on this page. There is also free shipping on all national orders placed.

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New Sam Edelman Karla Boot - And Other Styles to Compare To It

If a woman happens to be searching for one of the ultimate appearances in lace up boots this year, the Sam Edelman Karla boot is among the best choices offered. It comes in both suede and leather versions, with a sleek and even look that could go perfectly with either jeans or a skirt to get a pleasing and sort of vintage look. This particular boot has got the ideal edgy and streamlined look all in a single package - and it is a brand new and interesting look in the Edelman line. It goes up to the lower-calf level. It is available in Stone Suede, Black and Whiskey leather.

Although this footwear alone is an excellent choice, there's also some truly gorgeous lace-up footwear released this year - the below tend to be the ones that seem to not merely have the most similarity but seem to be looking like they will be very popular styles for the 2011 fall and winter seasons:

Frye Sabrina Lace Up Boot: The Sabrina 6G lace-up also comes with a lace up design with approximately the same height, nevertheless it has a style which stands apart rather than a subtler look and feel. The outsole with this boot gives it a little more of a rugged look, although somewhat of a higher back heel adds some femininity - somewhat of a contradiction but there is no deficiency of fashion here. Colors obtainable consist of some natural colors such as Burnt Red, Clay, Grey, Saddle and Walnut. The full list price on this boot is around $250, but just recently I have seen it for a marked down cost in one of the colors.

Steve Madden Graanie: This new boot from the Steve Madden series carries a pretty adorable name, centered on a style that may befit one's grandmother - but is the perfect inclusion to any lady's wardrobe. This choice has a little more of a sharpened toe as compared to the Karla boot, and the lacing includes a slimmer and more refined design which more closely aligns with a retro look. It is available in Cognac and Black leather versions - both of which are quite streamlined. It is accessible for about $130 when full list price is spent.

Dolce Vita Madrona Lace-Up Boot: This boot is yet another very sleek look, when compared to the Karla one may claim that it features a bit more of a rustic overall look, while still having the overall appearance of a lace-up, lower calf height shoe. It is available in Desert and Black for colors, and it has a full list price of about $220.

In my honest and humble view, any of the footwear previously mentioned would be fantastic choices - every one of them employ a terrific retro type of a look, each one of them such as Sam Edelman Karla lace up boot are available to purchase online for at retail or less expensive, and generally without any costs for delivery or returned items.

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22 July, 2011

New Sam Edelman Louie Bootie - Fun and Funky Style 2011

If you're searching for a great stylish look in 2011, the Sam Edelman Louie bootie is a wonderful selection. It's constructed from beautifully softer suede leather, having a fun looking cuff at the ankle and fringe detail on the side to not only add a fantastic look, but in addition give a bit of sway to a woman's walk. It also includes a zip closure for quick off and on, shock absorbing footbed and comfortable cloth fabric liner. It is available in Black, Tan or a softer looking English Rose color for a list price of approximately $225.

As the Louie ankle boot comes recommended, there may be some other designs you could evaluate as well - these have at least somewhat comparable looks:

Women's El Naturalista Duna N504 Ankle Boot:

This is one sassy little boot which will yell out your completely unique style. The full grain natural leather is treated with river rocks to temper the hide. Top of the shaft possesses a wavy curve which is mimicked in the topstitched, wavy, leather panels of the bootie collar that are then detailed with metallic studs. Easy zip entry unveils comfort engineering within including dampness absorbing MICROFIBRA® liner along with a removable, anti-bacterial insole cushioned which has a Frog Shock System to reduce harsh impacts to the back heel. Give a natural rubber outsole and 3 inch heel to keep you standing up tall. Yours in Brown or Black for $250 full price.

Fidji E274:

Captivating all the way, this ankle bootie will improve your clothing collection in real natural leather that is neatly pleated up the collar and embellished with a metal buttoned tab. You will have easy off and on with a full side zip closure. There is comfort and ease within having a gently cushy foot bed and softer natural leather liner throughout to pull away dampness and have feet cool and dry. A 2 inch stacked back heel and bendable, textured man made outsole deliver extended life in three easy to synchronize colors for $234 list price.

Fidji E309 Bootie:

Here's a no-nonsense ankle boot with bragging rights. Sleek genuine natural leather with metal buckle straps at the back heel and also the top of the 7 inch shaft. Enter and exit this boot easily having a total side zip and elastic goring at the back of the collar. Moisture wicking leather lining provides for cooler, dry feet and the shock absorbing footbed massages with every step. A flexible outsole is tough and steady on a number of surface types and the small heel offers you height boost. In Black or Tan for $238 list price.

This list of booties such as the Sam Edelman Louie all are such impressive styles and all are available on the web, right now. You are going to likely get better than retail prices online and free delivery on most.

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10 July, 2011

Sam Edelman Nikola Sandal - And Other Comparable Styles for Women

The women’s Sam Edelman Nikola sandal is among the most appealing sandals heading to the shelves for the spring and summertime seasons of this year. It carries a charming, wrap-around buckled design which would manage to accent the look of just about any lady - definitely a gorgeous bit of sandals this year.

Design specifics: 

The Nikola thong shoe not only carries a great style, it also carries a rich suede upper that provides more visual appeal and more of a pleasure to wear. Thicker fashionable buckle at the rearfoot, a wrap around material. The Back heel is about 2 3/4" high, additionally, it carries a small platform of almost an inch. It's accessible in Black and Chateau Grey versions and features a list price of around $150.

Even though this shoe is one of my own individual top chioces, I have managed to locate additional very similar looking sandals that consumers may wish to take a peek at prior to making any order:

Steven Raptture Thong sandal Sandal: 

I am a fan of just about anything coming from the Steve Madden lines, as well as the Steven Raptture is no exception. Made with a suede upper, as well as a useful back zip closure. The uppere has a fun reptile looking design that contributes quite a bit to the visual appeal. These sandals have a fun design which makes the women putting them on jump out amid a group. It comes in Taupe, Black, Coral and Yellow colors as well as carries a retail price of about $99.

Promiscuous Tsiyone Thong sandal Sandal: 

The upper created from fabricated leather, it also includes a back zipper making it easy to get off and on. Thong sandal shoe design, with highlights to stud the shoe as well as give it a genuine flair. The Tsiyone has around a 2 inch heel height. It comes in Grey, Camel and Black shades and retails for approximately $79.

The Cool People Mailys Shoe: 

Made with real leather for the upper, along with a useful back zipper closing. Thong structure sandal, it carries a covered heel style (adore it!), and stud emphasizing about the strapping of the sandal. The Mailys shoe is available in a Brown shade only and lists for around $115.

Although all the new sandals above are aesthetically very similar to the Sam Edelman Nikola shoe, every one of them most definitely have got one thing in common - they're offered on the internet for often a much lower cost, and mostly with free delivery and returns.

Useful resource:  Click here to compare prices on the Sam Edelman Nikola @ The Fashion Fiend:


10 June, 2011

Sam Edelman Lana - And Other Similar Styles

Going right together with a recent fashion trend in raffia wedge shoes comes the Sam Edelman Lana. Although it does fall into the classification of the raffia wedge following, it is different for its strappy and taller overall look.

The Lana is available in black, brown (shown in photo) and taupe versions, every distinct shade having a distinct appearance. With a bead laden diamond shaped vamp as well as a lengthy sort of up the lower calf look, it is truly a special design for ladies these summer and spring months. The retail price for this shoe is about $160, but with this publishing two the colors have discounted costs at some internet retail sources.

For those who are searching for this shoe and might also like additional choices to review, here are some wedge heel shoes having very similar looks:

Madden Fantasik Sandal - This shoe has a distinctive general style for the upper, although it seems that it might even be a great choice for ladies who adore the design of the Sam Edelman Lana. The upper is constructed from woven bands which overlap to make a very fashionable look. Like the Karlie, this sandal includes a lower cost than the Lana which may make it more of an attractive choice to a number of ladies. It comes in khaki, white and black versions.

Nine West Karlie Wedge Sandal - Of the two right here to check, the Karlie has got the most similar physical appearance to the Edelman Lana. Like it, it features a high heeled wedge wrapped with raffia material. It is really a dazzling shoe and is a good choice for anyone looking for a look like this with a lower cost. It will come in black and natural, gold and natural and brown and natural color combos.

The Sam Edelman Lana sandal is a gorgeous selection for ladies this year, but if still in researching mode, the other 2 choices in the above list may also be a good choices.

Helpful source: Click here to find the Sam Edelman Lana @ The Fashion Fiend

23 May, 2011

The Sam Edelman Nora

Of all the sandals introduced this year out of this collection, the Sam Edelman Nora is one of my very own favorites. This sandal gives very feminine looks, but has enough of an sharp edge to totally stand out from alternative new sandals for 2011.

This sandal has a general thong design construction, however, with some extra pizzazz. Its upper strapping is made from leather, with a few bold studs, which truly produce the appearance of it. The Nora has a cork platform and wedge heel. It carries a list price close to $150 and it's to be found in a Whiskey dark brown shade.

Sam Edelman Nora Sandal - Compare prices @ The Fashion Fiend

If you are wanting to compare this shoe to some other styles from Sam Edelman as well as other labels, here are a few to look at:

7 For All Mankind Tyler: The Tyler is comparable in appearance to the Nora, having each a wedge heel and a fundamental thong style and design. Nevertheless, this shoe features a thicker strapped look and is very elegant and sleek in appearance. The top is constructed from an even leather. Retail store value for the Tyler sandal is just about $195 and also comes in three shades including red, white and black.

Sam Edelman Nikola: Even though typically you can refer to this shoe as a thong, it is actually so much more. The top is manufactured out of lovely suede, it has a wrap-around-the-ankle design which buckles barely at the ankle. It includes a wedge style high heel and only a touch of a platform. The retail price for the Nikola is around $150 likewise, and comes in a couple of distinct colors including Grey and Black.

Sam Edelman Nalo Sandal: This sandal's upper is constructed almost entirely of beading. For the straps you will find tiny beads in conjunction with bigger multiple forms, it has a T-strap sort of design which includes an changeable ankle strap. Wedge design back heel having a small platform. The Nalo comes with a list cost of around $150 likewise and comes in Pewter and Ivory colors.

Although I personally could more highly recommend the Sam Edelman Nora Thong to women due to the design and ability to go with just about anything inside a closet, the additional designs listed above may additionally strike your fancy.

19 April, 2011

New Sam Edelman 2011 – 11 Styles to Check Out This Spring

While there have been quite a number of new Sam Edelman styles released for spring and summer 2011 (and likely will be more new ones coming soon) – there are some specific styles that especially caught my eye, and which I would like to recommend in terms of new picks in feminine and unique looks this year:


Sam Edelman Nora Thong Sandal – I am listing the Nora first – well, because it is my own personal favorite.  I adore the looks of the crossover straps, the bold and subtle studding details combined as well as the thong design.  The combination is quite creative, and is my own pick for a “go to” sandal for both spring and summer 2011.  Not baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.  =)


Sam Edelman Nara Sandal – This sandal is so cute – it has a loop strap thong style with beading to set it off.  The wedge heel gives it even more of a feminine look.  This pick comes in a couple of different colors with distinctly different looks.  Either one is a great choice but I recommend the blue beading if you want to add a dash of color to your look.


Sam Edelman Lana Sandal – Can you say, “Hello!”?  =D  These sandals are really something else – there is absolutely no hiding when you are wearing these, and that is a good thing.  The Lana is a lovely heeled, strappy  and wedge – all in one.  Each of the different color combinations/prints give a different look, making this also a versatile choice – especially if a lady decides to purchase multiple pairs.


Sam Edelman Grady Thong – This is a style that actually brought out a “my oh my.”  Then a sigh.  Gorgeous without a doubt – I am not even sure if it matters where someone’s tastes might lie, this style is unarguably a nice looking thong sandal, that will add more than a touch of style for just about any outfit.  Available in a couple of different colors.


Sam Edelman Nikola Sandal – Toe ring style (which is a great look in itself) – but add on the wrap around look with an oversized buckle and a bit of a lift on the ankle with the wedge and you have quite a look.  This pick is available in three different colors (black is my favorite).   If you like a sandal with a bit of an edge yet a delicate and feminine look, this is a great choice.


Sam Edelman Arlington Thong – Another great sandal from Edelman for this spring and summer.  Basically this is a thong style with a wide beaded strap crossing over the foot.  There is a lighter color combination for a more subtle look while the darker brown color combo gives a bit of a bolder and more earthy look (this one is my pick).  This sandal will dress up any casual outfit and add some style in the meantime.


Sam Edelman Garner Sandal – This sandal has a great strappy look to it.  I can picture it with a longer flowing skirt to round out the look.  =)  It has delicate straps with an ankle strap buckled closure.  The Garner comes in a few different color combinations – each one with different shades for the straps to add some depth to the look.


Sam Edelman Dazey Fringe Sandal – Wow.  This sandal is like nothing else out there.  The combination of multiple strapping and the fringe about the ankle is a great look to go with either skirts or shorts this spring and summer.   The Dazey in black will be the best pick for a go with everything look, the Grey will be great for a softer and more earthy look – and the pink?  I’ll just let you check that one out and decide for yourself.  =)


Sam Edelman Grenna Sandal – Basic thong style with a single strap crossing the foot.  The highlight of this sandal is the ankle area, with a solid wrap around, yet splitting into three different straps each of which is adjustable to provide not only a bit of flair but a great fit as well.  A few different color combinations for this sandal as well (and again my favorite is the black).  Each style has its own unique look.


Sam Edelman Exie Sandal – The Exie is another thong style from Sam Edelman this year, yet with its own delicate look.  It has a single strap with a wrap around strap and buckle closure.  To top off this sandal, it has a fun heel cap design with unbelievable detailing – stones and studs to practically light up the sidewalk as you walk.  =)  Gorgeous.


Sam Edelman Louie Bootie – I couldn’t help noticing the reviews on this one.  Ladies who already own this cute bootie are raving about how it looks while they are wearing it.  And, who could blame them?  Right in line with current trends, this bootie style is great all by itself but add the fringe?  You have a boot that will just about go with anything and set off any ensemble.


There are the styles that we recommend coming into spring and summer of 2011 – new Sam Edelman styles to top off your wardrobe this year.

15 April, 2011

Introduction to New Sam Edelman Shoes and Boots

Sam Edelman Nora Thong Sandal
(New for spring 2011)
Welcome to the New Sam Edelman Shoes and Boots site!

The purpose of this website is to inform women of a good number of newly released Sam Edelman styles throughout various seasons of the year.  While this site is not in any way an "official" resource, it is intended to keep women informed when new releases are introduced into the Sam Edelman collection.


* We do not guarantee that all new styles will be listed when there is a new release, but our plan is to publish information on at least a majority of new styles that come out.

* We reserve the right to "pick favorites" - what you see here from time to time may be a reflection of our own personal favorites from the Sam Edelman collection, although we can also say that other women's tastes are kept in mind.

Again, we thank you for visiting - and we look forward to providing ladies with information on one of the most unique and fashion forward lines of women's footwear - Sam Edelman.